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Mission Statement

Our mission is to actively participate in the community by continuously improving the home health status of our patients through providing them with value-driven, high-quality and compassionate assistance to meet their health care needs.

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Vision Statement

We envision ourselves to become recognized as a nationally competitive home health service provider through multi-disciplinary approach wherein patient’s welfare is always prioritized.

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Who We Are

Ultimate Home Health Care anchors on compassion and respect to the rights of the client. These help us remain consistent and grounded in all our efforts. With a team of Registered Nurses, Home Health Aides, Companions, and Therapists, we carefully plot the services you truly need at home.

Medicare Eligibility for Home Health

  • Home Health services must be ordered by a Physician
  • The service must be reasonable and necessary in the treatment of the illness or injury
  • The patient must require a qualifying skilled intermittent service such as nursing care, physical therapy, occupational therapy, or speech therapy. Medical social services and home health aide services are covered only if the patient is receiving Skilled nursing care or Physical or Speech therapy.
  • The patient must be homebound*
  • The patient is an eligible Medicare beneficiary

When all of the above conditions and criteria are met, Medicare will reimburse for an unlimited number of visits.

Definition of Homebound*

  • Inability to leave home without a considerable and taxing effort
  • Physician Certifies Homebound Status
  • Homebound patient is allowed for brief and infrequent absences from home for non-medical reasons
  • Patient with psychiatric condition who is considered unsafe to leave home unattended is considered homebound
  • Need for supportive devices in conjunction with physical limitations considered

Homebound status not met when:

  • Patient is able to drive a car safely
  • Frequent absences from home for social reasons

Make your loved one’s health a top priority. You can always know the real score of your family’s health state. Choose home health care. To know more information, you may reach us through 972-240-4700.